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Chem-Feed® Engineered Skid Systems

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Features :

  • Efficient, Small footprint Design
  • The pre-fabricated design allows for easy installation, simply drop the Skid System in place and make your connections.
  • Each system is rigorously factory tested.
  • Includes pressure switch option.
  • Easy access to wiring components from the rear of the system.
  • Joints use Weld-On 724 solvent cement which is chemically resistant to Sodium Hypochlorite and other chemicals.
  • Dual side inlets enable connection of multiple skids to the same inlet.
  • The Dual Skid is capable of simultaneous chemical injection of different or like chemical; or one pump can be used as a back-up pump sitting in standby.
  • Available with the factory options, Custom modifications are not possible.

Optional Flow Verification Sensor for monitoring system: Chemical injection failure stops pump, and triggers an alarm relay to start a back-up pump

Specifications :

Construction :

  • Skid
    • Polyester powder coated 6061 T6 aluminum.
    • Welded joint construction.
  • Mounting Pads:
    • 316 Stainless Steel (non-wetted part).
  • Piping & Unions:
    • PVC Schedule 80 (optional CPVC)
  • Inlet Y Strainer:
    • PVC body (optional CPVC), FKM elastomers (optional EPDM)
    • Suggested for diaphragm pump applications.
  • Tubing:
    • Reinforced braided PVC, 200 PSI max
  • Tubing Clamps:
    • 300 series SS band, 400 Series SS screw
  • Drip tray:
    • Polypropylene, 4 gallon containment each tray

Components :

  • Vented Ball Valves (Dual Skid includes eight)
    • True unions, PVC body, PTFE shaft bearings and seats
    • FKM elastomers (optional EPDM)
  • Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)
    • 5-100PSA setting range, 125PSI max system pressure
    • PVC body (optional CPVC), PTFE primary diaphragm seal
  • One Way Check Valve
    • PVC Body (Optional CPVC), FKM diaphragm (optional EPDM)
  • Flow Indicator
    • Machined cast acrylic, PVC connections, ceramic ball, polypropylene ball stop
    • PVC half unions, FKM seals (optional EPDM)

Pump :

(Sold Separately)
Flex-Pro® model A2, A3 or A4 peristaltic pumps or
Chem-Pro® model C2 or C3 diaphragm pump.